4 Ways Your Outdoor Space Can Improve Your Health

Understanding the Benefits of Utilizing Your Outdoor Space

This time of uncertainty we find ourselves in with the ongoing pandemic can really take its toll on our health, both mental and physical. It’s important that we take care of ourselves in this time, and your home’s outdoor space can work wonders.

People often underestimate their yard space, whether it’s what you can do with the space or what the space can do for you. You can use the yard to exercise in, to start a project, to plant a beautiful garden, and to work in—the possibilities are endless.

Below are just a sample of ideas for ways your outdoor space can maintain and improve your physical and mental health.

Plant a Garden

4 Ways Your Outdoor Space Can Improve Your Health 1

One of the most effective methods for aligning your thoughts and inspiring calm is to plant a garden. It’s really simple, and you can plant anything you’d like, whether it be flowers, veggies, shrubs, or fruit.

There are many benefits to growing a garden in your yard. At its most basic, a garden can make your yard look bright and beautiful. A garden requires regular maintenance and attention, the things you plant need nurturing, and this can help to regulate your days and bring routine to your life, which in turn encourages a healthy mind. There is also a sense of achievement to be felt from successfully growing something from scratch.

Additionally, you get to eat any of the fruits and veggies you grow!

Include a Space for Leisure

There’s a whole multitude of leisure activities which can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own yard, and you can design your landscape to best accommodate your favorite activities.

4 Ways Your Outdoor Space Can Improve Your Health 2

A swimming pool can be of great use for swimming laps and having a relaxing float around in. A grassy area is perfect for playing games in the yard, whether it’s soccer, frisbee, or something a little lighter such as lawn bowls. You could also design a special area in which to practice yoga or meditation. The possibilities really are endless.

Create an Area for Entertaining

4 Ways Your Outdoor Space Can Improve Your Health 3

Sharing in good company can be one of the easiest ways to a happy and healthy mind. You could design your outdoor space with a patio area and seating that surrounds a fire pit, or if you enjoy game nights you could plan your seating around a table with overhead lights.

To achieve the ultimate hang out spot for your family and friends you can install an outdoor bar in your back yard, or even a hot tub.

Design a Relaxation Zone

Whatever form your relaxation takes, why not design an area in your yard which is dedicated specifically to it?

4 Ways Your Outdoor Space Can Improve Your Health 4

This could be a hammock strung between trees or on a stand surrounded by beautiful shrubbery. It could be a pond filled with fish and a bench in the corner on which you can sit and read. Maybe you’d like a porch swing, or a classic swing hanging from a tree. Whatever it may be, your outdoor space is a great place to relax and clear your mind.

If you’d like to redesign your landscape in any way, don’t hesitate to give us a call here at Verdant Landscape.

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