Landscape Design Process

Our unique approach to scoping and designing new landscaping projects.

Our design process is based on many years of design experience in the field or horticulture and landscape architecture.  All designs start with an initial paid consult. One of our designers comes to the consultation and gathers information on client dreams, vision and overall job scope. The designer then creates a design proposal for the project based on the project scope. The design fee basically covers the designers time, experience,  knowledge and drafting time to create the design.
After the design fee is approved, we get contracts in place and design deposit.  When we get these items back from the clients we schedule to come back out and start working on our design process. Our draftsperson creates a site basemap off county GIS information and now it’s time for the site inventory and inspection. The designer spends some time back on the site creating the inventory which can includes grade issues, sun angles,  problem areas and/but not limited to job project scope. The designer then creates our first draft or what we call our concept.
Most designs include one concept and one revision after client review.  We can do more concepts if the client desires to see different layouts, but this will increase the overall cost of your design. Once the concept is completed,  we set up a meeting with the clients and go over the plans together on site. We then create our review and change list so we can get the final master plan.  Master plan is then created and finished for client approval.
Once approved then we have a completed Master Plan that we can price and/or phase to achieve the ultimate property vision. Our in-house horticulturist and certified arborist complete most of the true planting plans. She uses her knowledge of southern plants,  site conditions,  and field experience to create sustainable planting designs. Our in-house UGA landscape architecture graduate completes most of the larger master plans that involve hardscapes,  drainage, pools and outdoor living areas.
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