Landscape Services Pricing

How we price our landscape design, build, and maintenance services.

Labor Pricing

This is how we charge for our time and design work. This pricing does not include material costs.

Landscape Services Pricing 1

Landscape Design & Consulting

$150 per hour

Highly skilled landscape design services and consulting from a graduate of UGA’s prestigious School of Environmental Design.

Landscape Services Pricing 2

Horticulture & Arborist Consulting

$125 per hour

Our horticulture and arbor specialists can help find a solution to any problem regarding trees and vegetation.

Landscape Services Pricing 3

Landscape Building & Construction

Starts At $75/hr/man

Our construction teams are the best in the CSRA and know how to bring even the most complex landscape designs to life.

Landscape Services Pricing 4

Professional Lawn Maintenance

Starts At $55/hr/man​

Our maintenance crews will keep your landscape looking fresh and clean, protecting the investment in your outdoor space.

Design Pricing

This is how we charge for design-only work. This pricing does not include labor or materials.

Landscape Services Pricing 5

"Napkin-Style" Design Plan

Starts At $800

Lowest cost design option for small projects with flexible tolerances, designed by a professional landscape designer.

Landscape Services Pricing 6

Pool & Backyard Design Plan

Starts At $1,200

General landscaping and/or poolscape plan for your backyard space without any major hardscape elements.

Landscape Services Pricing 7

Backyard Living Space Plan

Starts At $1,500

Complex backyard designs that include plantings, poolscapes, and hardscape elements like patios and gazebos

Landscape Services Pricing 8

Complete Design Master Plan

Starts At $1,800

A complete “master” design plan for your property from property line to property line, which can be provided to any builder.

Project Pricing

How we price complete projects. This pricing includes labor, design, and materials.

Note: This “starting at” pricing is provided to give a ballpark of what a project might cost. Actual project pricing may differ substantially depending on the countless factors that go into pricing landscape work.

Gazebo and patio hardscaping project in Augusta, GA by Verdant Landscaping.

Custom Pool Cabanas

Starting at $30,000

Add a covered entertainment space to your poolscape with a beautiful custom cabana.

Backyard fireplace design Augusta, GA

Outdoor Fireplaces

Starting $15,000

Outdoor brick and stone fireplaces create cozy nooks to be enjoyed year-round.

A pergola built by the carpentry and framing division of Verdant Landscaping in Augusta, GA.

Wood Gazebos & Pergolas

Starting at $8,000

Gazebos and pergolas create a cool and dynamic partly shaded area for your space.

Landscape Services Pricing 9

Custom Garden PlanterS

Starting at $1,500

Plant or vegetable planters made an amazing addition to any backyard landscape.

Augusta, GA wood gazebo built by carpentry division of Verdant Landscaping.

Outdoor Kitchens

Starting at $30,000

Add a covered entertainment space to your poolscape with a beautiful custom cabana.

Landscape Services Pricing 10

Pools & Poolscapes

Starting $100,000

Complete pool and poolscape design and build. Add a beautiful outdoor swimming and living area for your home.

Multi-Level Decking

Wood or Composite Decks

Starting at $12,000

Add a raised entertainment area to your backyard with a beautiful deck built with wood or composite materials.

Landscape Services Pricing 11

Brick or Stone Retaining Walls

Starting at $10,000

Prevent erosion and add dynamic tiers to your slopped landscape with retaining walls.

Landscape Services Pricing 12

Sustainable Yard Landscaping

Starting at $12,000

Sustainable landscaping to revitalize your property, while minimizing upkeep and maintenance expense.

Winter planting of trees and shrubs at the best time of the year.

New Construction Landscape

Starting At $15,000

Landscapes installed from scratch around a newly constructed home.

Landscape Services Pricing 13

Flooring Installation

Starting At $3,000

Beautiful flooring installed to elevate your outdoor space with a unique look.

Landscape Services Pricing 14

HOA Community Buildings

Starting at $100,000

Create an outdoor space that your community will love to spend time in and elevates the whole neighborhood.

Frequently Asked Pricing Questions

There are so many different things that go into pricing a job and task to complete different landscape projects. It really depends on the size and the scope of the project, accessibility,  ease of access, hardscapes, and softscapes. Please refer to the job example and pricing page for examples. These prices are just starting points and each job is individual in nature and we cannot be bound to any of these prices based on what we have shown until an individual estimate has been given for your specific project in the form of a BuilderTrend proposal that you can approve, deny, or install in phases.

You can pay by cash, check, or bank transfer online. There is a credit card option, but there is a 3.5% processing fee, so we usually steer people away from that option.

It entices serious clients and reduces cancellations and no shows.

Typically, your contract will include a specific allotment for hauling away debris from your project. If you make changes to the scope of work that result in additional debris that needs to be removed, there could be additional charges.

We do not encourage a daily rate but sometimes a job warrants this kind of job costing.  Maintenance rates and construction rates are different.  Any time we are doing a maintenance project you are basically purchasing hours of labor or how much time you want us to spend on your property.  Our hourly rate for maintenance is $55 per man hour and typically the crews are 2-3 men.  This hourly rate counts on drive time to the project too or any time we are preparing to complete this project. For example, if you want us to bring pinestraw, we need to purchase it from a vendor and bring it to your property. This would be billable time on the project. The construction rates are $85 per man hour and typically crews are 3 men.  Sometimes, 4 men if the project is big. The same hourly rate is applied for drive time or job set up in the morning.  The crews have to be paid the time they clock in, per the law, and if they are working on your project by loading materials to bring with them, then that is billable time.  On a day rate or hourly job, you also would have equipment time you need to factor in.  A DitchWitch hourly rate is $45 an hour,  Skid Steer is $65 an hour, and Excavator is $85 an hour. This is additional to your man hour rate. This covers fuel, insurance, and equipment wear and tear. The operator time is in your man hour rate.

This is a great question.  I would say we give great value. Our construction practices are built on years of sustainability and experience. One of our core values is sustainability. We want our projects to look as good as the day they were installed, 20-25 years after install. In order to do this, we use many construction practices that many landscaping companies don’t use or even know. Just a few examples are proper concrete footings with vertical and horizontal rebar. Waterproofing and drainage of all walls including masonry and segmented retaining walls. Proper planting techniques which includes amending soils and providing food for plants. We also follow all state and federal regulations on the way we operate our business in a sustainable way. That means we pay our people living wages so they can support their families and no one is paid cash. We pay workers compensation for all of the employees. We have significant insurance and bonding for all projects. We have overhead costs on the management side that allows us to manage projects and our business in a sustainable way. We have all business licenses needed to perform work in the different areas. All these practices and some not listed contribute to cost that some landscape design build companies do not have or even intend to provide.

For jobs under $10,000, there is a 50% deposit and a 50% final payment after the completion of the job. For jobs between $10,000 and $50,000, there is a 30% deposit, followed by a 69% draw during a specified part of the job that is dictated in the contract, then a 1% final payment after completion of the job. For jobs above $50,000, there is a 30% deposit, followed by a 35% draw during a specified part of the job that is dictated in the contract, then a 34% draw at a different stage of the job dictated in the contract, and a final 1% final payment after completion of the job.

No, we do not finance projects for clients. However, we do have some partners we can set you up with to help with financing.  One is Lightstream. There are many other financing companies including: SoFi,  RenoFi, and Ally. Do not let financing keep you from your next project, as we can help you through this process.

A big project can be intimidating. Especially the possibility of unforeseen costs and expenses. The cost of your project has many factors such as the type of work itself, the type of materials used, and any changes you may want to make in the process. After your consultation, if you choose, our Landscape Architect will create a design that they feel best fits your wants and needs to create an amazing outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy. Once you have signed off on a final design, we will be able to assemble a full quote based on the option you select. While it would be ideal if that cost was the final price, everyone should have the expectation that unforeseen expenses will arise (extra dumpster costs, irrigation difficulties, and additional needed drainage to name a few). We typically recommend having an additional 10% of your project cost in reserve to cover these types of costs. We will always do everything in our power to avoid such costs, but will also make recommendations that we feel are necessary to complete your project in the best, most sustainable way. Afterall, our core values at Verdant Landscape are Family, Sustainability, Creativity and Moxie.

Stages are more expensive due to material cost fluctuations, increased commute time, and logistics to the project site.

As with any construction project, there is a chance that unforeseen expenses could arise. There are many reasons that this could happen, but our team will do everything we can to keep additional expenses to a minimum. We recommend that you keep additional funds equal to 10% of your project cost set aside just in case.

We don’t ask for this retainer until the project is completed. This does not include warranty work. We used to leave 10% as the final retainer, but we had a couple clients that did not pay the final 10% because of a spot in the grass or because of 1 dead plant. These items are covered in the warranty, but the warranty starts once the project has been paid in full. To make this easier and for us to be a sustainable company, we have a 1% retainer. Being a small business, not getting paid 10% of a project can really hurt, as we have to pay our employees, subcontractors, and vendors.

We can offer you some general overviews of your options within a budget range – see our website for examples.

There are many types of outdoor kitchens and the sizes of these amenities. Lots of things can make up the cost of an outdoor kitchen. The types of appliances, types of materials, countertops, and utilities can make outdoor kitchens range in prices from $8,500.00-$35,000.  Please see pricing pages for starting prices and outdoor kitchen examples.

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