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The Best Augusta, GA Landscape Design and Architecture Company

Stunningly beautiful Augusta, GA landscape design and Augusta, GA landscaping services. Landscaping projects designed and built with vision, teamwork, and innovation.

Bringing Your Landscaping Dreams to Life…

Would you like to make your home’s outdoor landscaping an oasis that takes you into your own private world of elegance and delight? Verdant Landscaping has the vision, technology, and highly skilled landscape architects and landscape design professionals to make that happen. From plantings and gardens to hardscapes and pools installations, we design, plan, and build your vision into reality.

Verdant Landscaping offers a wide variety of services that not only deliver stunningly beautiful results, but also increase the value of any property. In addition to our landscape design team’s extensive experience and skill, we are fully insured and licensed for landscape design, landscape architecture, and hardscape build work in the states of Georgia and South Carolina.

So what are you waiting for? Give us a call at (803) 335-5028 or reach out through the contact form at the bottom of this page. We look forward to hearing from you!

Greater Augusta Georgia's Premier Landscape Design and build Company

We’ve been incredibly fortunate as a company to be able to grow and expand our services in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA) over the past ten years. Our service area now includes Augusta, GA; Martinez, GA; Evans, GA; Grovetown, GA; Aiken, SC; and North Augusta, SC. We’re licensed and insured to perform both landscaping and hardscaping work in all of the CSRA.

If you’re a resident of the greater Augusta, GA area, or another city within the CSRA, and need help with your outdoor areas, call the architecture company that cares about you and the community. We’re eager to show you our dedication to our craft and to our city’s natural eco-system with our cutting edge sustainable landscaping practices. 

Landscaping professionals Holding Themselves to a higher standard

Our Mission Statement: Creating outdoor environments through core values and team work.. 

Our Core Values: 

  • Family
  • Sustainability
  • Creativity 
  • Moxie
Our Company’s Vision: Our vision is by 2035 to be a multi-generational premier landscape design, construction, maintenance company in 4 major markets that continues to offer the same unparalleled customer service of a smaller company. 
SRW landscape installer in Augusta, GA
National Association of Landscape Professionals in Augusta, GA.
ICPI Landscapes installer in Augusta, GA.
American society of landscape Architects Augusta, GA

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More About our Services

Landscape Consultations & Planning

Starting at $150

Work 1-on-1 with one of our highly trained landscape designers to create a plan for your project. Unless you’re coming to us with pre-made plans, nearly all of our services will require at least a Standard Landscape Consultation. The designer will spend up to an hour with you, working with you to nail down your vision, walking your property, and working up an estimate. 

Our higher tiered design packages will include additional services like drawing up schematics and creating documents for your larger or more complex project. Proper planning on the front end of your project, can save you thousands on the backend and avoid unnecessary delays.

Yard Landscaping & Planting

Starting at $10,919 + Design Cost

The general landscaping around your home can have a massive impact on your home’s overall aesthetic and value. Careful design and installation of flower beds, hedges, trees, and other shrubs can be the difference between a house and a home.

We’ve designed and built some of the most beautiful front and backyard landscapes in the CSRA. We work carefully with each homeowner to understand their vision for their property, and then execute that vision with excellence and pride.

Don’t cut corner when it comes the the exterior appeal of your home. Work with us to create a yard you,  your family, and your friends will all love spending time in.

Augusta, GA Hardscaping

Starting at $3,189 + Design Cost

Hardscaping, a fine balance between design and functionality, offers homeowners a chance to transform the very essence of their outdoor space. It’s not just about adding structures; it’s about integrating designs that are both aesthetically pleasing and highly functional.

By incorporating elements like stone, wood, and metal, we give a robust character to the surroundings. This tangible transformation not only enhances the visual beauty but also amplifies the experience of outdoor living, fostering spaces that are unique to each homeowner’s vision.

At the heart of hardscaping lies the art of blending aesthetics with functionality. Hardscaping act as an extension of your home’s interiors, breathing life into underutilized areas and making them integral parts of daily living.

Exterior Carpentry & Framing

Starting at $6,492 + Design Cost

In the realm of landscaping and hardscaping, exterior carpentry and framing play a pivotal role. It is the backbone, the very skeleton that supports and gives shape to your outdoor designs. Quality carpentry work not only ensures stability and longevity but also adds a layer of artistry, elevating the aesthetics of the outdoor spaces. 

Verdant Landscaping’s commitment to superior craftsmanship translates to outdoor features that stand the test of time and elements. Quality carpentry goes beyond mere aesthetics. It’s about infusing the project with durability, ensuring that every nail, every plank, every beam is in its rightful place, offering optimum support. Especially in a place like Augusta, GA, where the climate can be quite varied, the integrity of the structure is paramount.

Outdoor Kitchens In Augusta, GA

Starting at $7,891 + Design Cost

Our custom designed outdoor kitchens and cooking areas enhance your outdoor living space by bringing the food prep process outside. We make sure your outdoor kitchen is an extension of your indoor living area so that the entire environment of your home flows into one unique space. Whether you’re hosting a dinner party, preparing food for the family, or just relaxing in the outdoors, we aim to create an outdoor landscape the exceeds your expectation. 

We walk our clients through a comprehensive design process, so we can bring their ideas into the process. Once a plan is created, we walk our clients through all design aspects to make sure they are ready to proceed before the build process begins. 

If you’re ready to bring your cooking into your backyard space? Its time to speak with one of our hardscaping professionals about starting your project. Reach out today to get started! 

Augusta, GA Fire Pits and Fireplaces

Starting at $3,189 + Design Cost

Can you imagine anything more relaxing than gathering around and enjoying an outdoor fire with friends and family? We certainly can’t. There’s just nothing quite like flames dancing in a beautiful outdoor space that is simultaneously safe, comfortable, and inviting. 

From custom fire pits to complete outdoor fireplaces, our hardscape team can create the perfect environment for you to enjoy with family and friends. No matter how big your dream or idea is for your outdoor fire landscape feature, our skilled designers and builders are sure to have no problem bringing it to life. 

If you’re ready to start the journey towards having a beautiful outdoor fire pit or fireplace in your backyard, then reach out to our team today. We’re eager to speak with and learn more about what you have in mind. 

Gazebo & Pergola Landscape Features

Starting at $6,492 + Design Cost

Bring a thing of beauty and functionality into your backyard landscape with a custom pergola or gazebo by the Verdant Desing Landscaping team. Whether you are looking to covered an existing landscape feature, define your space, or just add something new to your landscape, we can create the right gazebo or pergola for you. 

Our team of hardscaping professional is highly experienced in the designing and building of beautiful gazebos and pergolas. We walk each client through a complete design process, making sure that our plans match up with their ideas for their space. Once the client has approved the plan, we move forward with the build process. 

Ready to add a stunning gazebo or pergola to your landscape? We’re here to help! Reach out to the Verdant Landscaping team today to begin your project. 

Augusta, GA Pools & Poolscapes

Starting at $85,456 + Design Cost

From new swimming pool installations to poolscape overhauls, we can give a fresh and inviting feel to your backyard or swimming pool area. We create gorgeous pool deck features as well as arbors, custom grilling areas, outdoor kitchens, dimensional planters and gardens, fencing and parapets. These not only enhance your property’s beauty but increase its value as well. 

In order to create the pool oasis the client has envisioned, our landscape design experts walk them through a complete design process. Once the client signs off on our designs, we get to work bringing the poolscape project to life. This process leads to incredible results every time.

Ready to get started on your new swimming pool or poolscape? Reach out to our team of landscaping experts today! Our team is highly expereinced in creating the perfect pool and poolscape designs, and are ready to do the same for you.

Garden Landscaping in Augusta, GA

Starting at $1,708 per day + Materials

Ever dreamed of having a thriving vegetable garden? How about a lush and colorful flower garden in which to retreat to for relaxation and reflection? No matter how ambitious your ideas, or how far fetched your vision, we’re here to help. Our horticulture experts are highly proficient in designing and building all types of garden landscapes. 

We design and build gardens of all shapes and sizes. We’ve created complex raised bed systems, as well as sprawling plots of flowers and plantings. We work with each client to make sure we capture their ideas for their garden landscape, then bring it to reality.

Let’s create the garden landscape of your dreams together. Our team of professionals is ready and waiting to assist you. Contact us today to get started with your project!

Top Notch Irrigation System Installs

Starting at $3,975

A properly installed irrigation system or  lawn sprinkler system can help your home’s landscape thrive, while also saving you money. Whether your landscaping has a pre-existing irrigation system that’s in need of repairs, or you are looking to have a a new in-ground sprinkler system installed, our team of landscape experts can help.

Verdant Landscape’s licensed irrigation specialists work with each client to ensure their irrigation system is installed properly and working efficiently. There is no better team in Augusta, GA when it comes to designing, repairing, and installing high quality irrigation systems. 

If you’re looking for the best Irrigation system installation team in the Augusta area, we have you covered! We’ll make sure you landscape’s irrigation system is working smoothly for years to come. Reach out today to discuss your irrigation landscape project. 

Retaining Wall Landscapes

Starting at $9,899 + Design Cost

Many homeowner’s landscapes require retaining walls to protect the vegetation and soil grades from erosion, as well as shape the area to the needs of the property. That doesn’t mean retaining walls have to be an eyesore though.  Our team builds retaining walls that not stand the test of time, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Adding both function and form to your landscape project. 

We can build retaining walls from pavers, stone, concrete or brick. We utilize creative wall plans to help hide the utilitarian need for your retaining wall beneath the aesthetic function of a beautiful design.

If you’re in need of a retaining wall for your landscapes, get in touch with our professional landscaping team today. Our experts will work closely with you to ensure that the design of your new retaining walls lives up to your expectations. 

Augusta, GA Landscape Maintenance

Starting at $359 per month

Have a beautiful landscape? Protect your investment in by entrusting your ongoing landscape care and maintenance to our team at Verdant Landscape. We have the skills, tools, and expertise to know exactly how to care for your outdoor space.

Spend more time enjoying your outdoor space rather than working on it, when you let us do the hard work. Landscaping Maintenance from Verdant Landscaping is the best solution in Augusta for ongoing landscape care. Rely on the best and never worry about your landscapes again. 

Ready to start your landscape maintenance plan? Give us a call and speak with one of our landscape professionals. Our landscape maintenance specialists will inspect your property and develop a unique plan for your landscape. 

Turf Management Services

Starting at $700 per year

Ever wished for a richer, greener, healthier lawn, but had no idea where to start? You could spend countless hours and copious amounts of money finding the right combination of fertilizer, aeration, and supplements for your lawn, or you could let our expert team of turf management professionals do the heavy lifting for you.

Keeping turf strong and healthy can be a tricky undertaking, as weather, soil texture, drainage, and a multitude of other factors effect growth. We provide turf management on a one year plan, which gives us the necessary time to tweak all the factors effecting your lawn. The end result is beautiful and inviting turf that enriches the appearance of your home or property. 

Augusta, GA Deck & Patio Landscapes

Starting at $7,891 + Design Cost

Create the perfect outdoor living environment with a new patio or deck from the Verdant Landscaping team. Whether you want an area to spend time with family, or just one to relax and unwind in, a deck or patio is the perfect solution. These hardscape features add both beauty and value to your home’s exterior and can become the focal point of your entire landscape.

A properly designed and installed deck or patio, quickly turns an empty space into an area ready for the joy of any social or family get together. A space ready for anything and bursting with opportunity. Imagine all the memories you and your family could create in that kind of a space! 

Our professional team of landscape designers and installers, have in depth experience creating the perfect deck or patio space for your home. Reach out today and start the conversation with one of our knowledgeable and friendly team members. 

Frequently Asked Questions

With over 50 years of combined experience in the fields of landscape design, architecture, and construction, the Verdant Landscaping team feels honored to be able to call Augusta, Georgia home since 2009. Our professional landscape architects use their passion and expertise in every project that we design, construct, and maintain.  

We want to make sure each client’s vision is able to become a reality which is why we pride ourselves on being a true Design/Build/Maintain landscape company.  We can take your landscape project from concept to completion so you and your family or business can get outside sooner and enjoy all the seasons longer!

While costs vary widely based on the size and scope of your project, we can say with complete confidence that we save our clients substantial money over the long term. One of our core values is sustainability, which means we build our projects to just look as good 25+ years after install as they did on day one (As long as they are maintained properly). While this can require a larger initial investment, our clients rest easy knowing their investment will pay dividends over the long term.

In order to give each project the attention it deserves, we tend to schedule new projects up to three months out, depending on the time of year, our current calendar bookings, and the size of the proposed project. 

Verdant Landscaping is a full-service landscaping company that takes our client’s projects from idea, through design, and then builds them into reality. Additionally, almost all of our build work is done in-house by our landscape installation team, so you can be confident that the designs you’ve approved are going to be implemented correctly the first time.

Hardscaping design is the part of landscaping that deals with physical objects rather than living things. While certainly adding aesthetic and leisurely value, these features can also be necessary for proper drainage and irrigation. Hardscapes include landscape elements such as retaining walls, decks, patios, gazebos, etc. Read more here.

Reach out today! Let’s discuss your Landscape Project.

Call us at (803) 335-5028 or send us a message below.