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As the days draw near to your long drawn out landscape design ideas being put into reality, What will be your choice of quality might I ask. Bluffton SC landscaping contractors come in many different shapes and sizes of quality output. You can make the right choice by using your local choice. We here at Verdant Design, We base our service on providing the utmost respect with trustworthy quality to fit your needs perfectly. We always advice that out visitors to browse our recent work page as it shows many of the different request of our happy clients.

For example, you may be looking for a nice place to relax on a cool Bluffton hilton head night. Outdoor fire place burning to the right tune. Kids roasting marsh mellows on a stick. Spending family time, with your latest backyard landscape design by Verdant Landscape. Check out some of our back yard landscaping projects below by yours truly, for clients all from the CSRA.

Outdoor Kitchen w/ Pool Deck, Fire pit, Water Fall, and Deck Remodel

Thinking about retaining walls in Bluffton SC? Check out this design:

We have many more designs to show you. You can simply to to our Youtube Channel by clicking here.

Feel free to browse our videos and contact us if you need a landscaping contractor that you can Trust. Call Verdant Landscaping our you can contact us HERE.

Now on to several other designs. The Outdoor kitchen has really become one of our clients favorite types of designs. Considering the weather we face here in Bluffton SC, owning your very own outdoor living space might be right up your ally.

Picture coming home after a long day, Your spouse already has the grill going, you smell it as you pull up to your drive way. You get in the back yard and all you see is diced fresh fruits, a cool misty breeze all generated from your upgraded mist and fan system under your cedar housing. Wondering what I am describing. Check this video out below:

As you can see here at Verdant Design, we absolutely love using stone and hardscapes to beautify your landscape. Their is one more video that I wanted to show you. I job that required  lot of heavy stone boulders with the request of the client. Challenging, but indeed bold and beautiful. The video below shows how using stone and grading spruce up your landscaping in Bluffton SC. If you are a client that has a steep slope or sudden grade changes in your landscape, the previous retaining wall video may be a good fit for you if you are looking to enjoy your backyard with ease. This video below is a location of several grade changes. Turned out very nice.

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