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Yard Landscaping & Planting

The general landscaping around your home can have a massive impact on your home’s overall aesthetic and value. Careful design and installation of flower beds, hedges, trees, and other shrubs can be the difference between a house and a home.

We’ve designed and built some of the most beautiful front and backyard landscapes in the CSRA. We work carefully with each homeowner to understand their vision for their property, and then execute that vision with excellence and pride. Don’t cut corner when it comes the the exterior appeal of your home. Work with us to create a yard you,  your family, and your friends will all love spending time in.

Thoroughly Plan Your Landscape

Don’t make the rookie mistake of jumping in and buying a load of trees, plants, and flowers before you’ve made a solid plan. There’s nothing worse than a haphazard, disorganized yard that turns buyers away.

A manicured design goes a long way to increase your property value. A landscape designer will choose plants best suited to your area that demonstrate diversity in color, size, and design. A well-planned yard will bring many rewards and continue to add value in the future.

If you take care of your lawn, your landscaping will take care of your property value in the long term. A mature yard that has large trees shows that your landscape has been taken care of over the years. This signals to home buyers that you most likely care about the inside of your home also.

Adding Timeless Value to Your Home

When you paint your house or renovate the kitchen, you might look at modern trends. These designs will add value to your home in the short term, but they may become outdated as trends go out of style. Fixing these issues can be quite costly for buyers.

Classic landscaping features continue to add value to your home with time. While some buyers may want to remove certain plants, they only have to make some minor tweaks to landscaping.

Yard Landscaping & Planting Pricing

Yard landscaping or planting projects start at $10,919 plus the cost of creating the design. Please contact us for a consultation for a detailed estimate for your specific project.

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