Can New Landscaping Change The Look And Feel Of Your Home?

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Can new landscaping change the look and feel of your home?  In a word, YES!  Sometimes we forget that the true dimensions of our home extend far beyond the four walls of the house.  Think about it, what feeling do you get when you approach the driveway of your home?  How functional is your patio and outdoor living space for family enjoyment and entertainment?  Does the sight of your lawn and garden inspire a sense of joy, peace and tranquility?  Do you enjoy being outside at your home?  You can!

Take a look at this beautiful testimonial from Verdant Design clients, Andy Baumgartner & Nancy Cisick:

“After retiring, my wife and I decided to build our “dream home” in North Augusta. We were able to place a small, comfortable home on a hill in a pretty subdivision off Martintown Road.  Although pretty and functional, it did not become a dream home until Verdant Designs Landscaping completed the setting. Their attention to detail and their willingness to work with us until everything was just right, has given us a home whose beauty exceeds all of our expectations!  Thanks to Will, Corey, and everyone else at Verdant for their superior quality work, their on-target estimates of time and money, their promptness in working through any and all concerns, and their friendly, helpful service.”

— Andy B

You can see the photos of Andy and Nancy’s new landscape design below!

Ready for your new landscaping and outdoor living space from the Verdant Design team? Give us a call and let’s get started.

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