Hardscapes and Retaining walls improving your Augusta GA Home Value

Benefits of having Hardscapes added to your home in Augusta GA

Softscaping is one half of the total landscaping process, hardscaping is the second half. Hardscaping refers to anything nonliving in the landscaping business. Retaining walls, fences, patios, walkways, lighting fixtures, and also paved roadways are encompassed in the definition.

The elements of hardscaping are usually permanent and fixed, but it is not out of the ordinary for a gardener to incorporate moveable elements that can be changed with the seasons. An experienced gardener will first assess the entire area to be landscaped, and use the natural surroundings for inspiration. If the property faces the ocean or scenic mountains, the garden should be arranged in such a way as to use the natural beauty as a backdrop.
It is not necessary to have your outside space both softscaped and hardscaped, but in a large garden that is well designed; these two elements work in perfect harmony together, complimenting each other without clashing for attention. Hardscaping adds a personal touch to the total look and feel of the space. It can create focus and balance throughout the garden by placing a birdbath, bench or sculpture. For example: if you are creating a formal garden you might choose to have paths made of gravel and marble fountains strategically placed in the garden.
A space can be hardscaped without being softscaped (adding plants or flowers), but having your land solely softscaped leaves your garden vulnerable to damage caused by rainwater runoff that carry toxins.
A retaining wall will add depth and dimension to your garden and a wall that is curved adds an image of motion. Other than decorative purposes, walls have practical uses too. They are great for hiding an unsightly foundation or some other eye sore. A wall provides privacy and stops anyone attempting to run through your vegetable garden or flower patch and destroying your hours of labor. An important use of a wall is that is raises the surface of the ground and when placed correctly can create a slope that will draw any rainwater away from the foundation of your home.
Besides the beauty and character that it creates, hardscaping protects the soil from foot traffic that can quickly erode the earth. A walkway protects your shoes from the elements of Mother Nature and keeps your plants from being trampled on. Paving helps create division, mapping out the flow of the garden and how people interact with it. Like a wall, a curved path creates a sense of motion throughout the outside space. A path can be made from many different types of material, such as brick, crushed gravel or Hardscapes and Retaining walls improving your Augusta GA Home Value 2even woodchips. A simple brick paving is as acceptable as a more exotic look that uses a multitude of colors and sizes of stones.
Keeping your property in beautiful condition adds attractiveness to the neighborhood for everyone to enjoy, also giving a curb appeal that will impress any potential buyer and possibly increasing your resale value.

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