How to Design Your Bluffton, SC Home’s Perfect Outdoor Living Space

Around 87% of home buyers desire a patio or some other outdoor space. Backyards, balconies, and porches let us spend time among mother nature and offer the ideal area to entertain and connect with those we care about.

Once homeowners have outdoor spaces, creating a mood and cohesive decor scheme is another story. Choosing furniture, colors, and plants can be very overwhelming and confusing, but it doesn’t have to be.

Don’t know where to start with your outdoor living space design? Keep reading below for five topnotch ideas to take your outdoor space from mediocre to wow!

1. Use The Roof

Outdoor Living Space Gazebo in Bluffton, SC

The roof of your outdoor space is prime real estate for design elements. Often neglected, the roof can become whatever you want it to.

Want to flex your green thumb? Turn the roof into a garden. Put some planters up there full of vegetables and flowers. Grow some herbs to spice up your cooking.

If you want a green oasis, but don’t trust yourself to plan it, seek out professionals specializing in landscaping services.

Depending on your house structure, maybe you can turn part of the roof into a private balcony or an entertainment area. String party lights can take any space to the next level.

Seamless transition from screened porch to patio in outdoor living space

2. Seamless Transitions

Bringing the outdoors in has been a trend for years, and doing the opposite is a great way to think about decorating your outdoor space.

Windows and sliding doors can make your outdoor space feel connected to your interior. Use similar patterns, colors, and fabrics to further connect the two spaces.

In this photo, you can see how the screened in porch and three large windows smoothly connects the indoor area with the exterior patio.

3. Use Vertical Space

Just like the roof is often forgotten, people don’t take advantage of verticle space. Use available wall space to hang shelves, planters, and other decor elements.

Consider trellises with vines or tall shrubs.

The more inviting you make your space, the more time you will spend out there. This is important, as there are numerous health benefits to spending time in mother nature.

4. Colors and Patterns: Your Outdoor Living Space Design Secrets

Nothing pulls an area together like colors and patterns. Want to brighten the area up? Shop around for bright pillows, rugs, and decor items in a few cohesive colors.

Have a more muted style? Black and white doesn’t have to be boring. Look for bold patterns like stripes, polka dots, or floral.

Outdoor kitchen living space Bluffton, SC.

5. Feed Your Friends and Family

If you want to entertain, adding a kitchen area outdoors is the way to do it. Putting an area to prep and cook food outside will cut down on the need to run in and out of your house.

This means spending more time with your guests.

Create an Outdoor Space Like No Other

There you have it. Five great outdoor living space design ideas. No matter your style preferences, you have the power to create an amazing outdoor space you can enjoy for years to come.

Have some other questions? Interested in a consultation? Please contact us and we would love to help you!

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