How to Keep Plants Alive While on Vacation

Many Americans put COVID lockdowns and restrictions behind them by taking advantage of opportunities to travel. If you plan to travel this season, do you know how to keep plants alive while on vacation?

Ask Someone to Water Your Plants

How to water plants while on vacation.

The simplest solution to keep plants alive while on vacation might be to have a friend or neighbor water your plants. If you enlist a pet-sitter, ask them to water your plants and rotate them if necessary. Leave instructions and indicate which plants require frequent watering and which plants only require water when the soil completely dries out.

Invest in an Automatic System to Water Plants While on Vacation

If you have an indoor plant that needs watering, there are many ways to keep your plants from drying out when you leave. Watering your plants thoroughly before you depart can buy you some time. For longer trips, you can try other strategies.

Pots with Integrated Watering Systems

Pots and planters with water reservoirs release water gradually when your plants dry out. They can be expensive, but they offer features such as the ability to water multiple plants simultaneously and naturally adapt to soil moisture levels. These make it easy to water plants while on vacation.

DIY Plant Watering

You can make a plant watering system using a soda bottle and common household materials to create a system to keep plants watered. However, try out any DIY solutions while you are home to confirm that you can build them correctly and that they are effective for your plants. Don’t risk returning home to find dried-out plants and water all over your floor. 

One trick is to encase the pot and lower stem of your potted plant in a plastic bag to keep water from evaporating.

Plants watering bulbs

Plant Watering Bulbs

A simple device that keeps soil moist using water pressure is a simple glass bulb with a narrow neck. Place the neck into the soil and let the weight of the water naturally add moisture as the soil dries out.

Bring Outdoor Plants Inside

If you have a hanging or potted plant outside, consider bringing them indoors. Keep your indoor and outdoor plants in the shade while on vacation unless they are sun-loving plants that will suffer in the shade. Shade reduces the rate of evaporation, which helps the soil remain moist longer. 

Choose Drought-Resistant Plants

How to water plants while on vacation.

If you get new plans or start a garden and plan to travel frequently, consider succulents or other plants that thrive in dry environments. A drought-resistant garden or indoor home decoration scheme will give you extra leeway so that you can stay for longer when you travel. 

Keep Your Garden Lush and Healthy with Verdant Landscape 

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