Outdoor kitchens, Southern Styled Designs for perfect outdoor dining

Outdoor kitchens: Entertaining family and guests in any season

Did you get your daily dose of vitamin D today? The sun provides it naturally and a kitchen beyond the walls of your home gives you the opportunity to get outside everyday (even if you are stuck in an office for 8 hours or more). Play some music, breath deep the fresh air and relax.

Just the idea of lugging everything outside for dinner just to enjoy a beautiful evening is too much to work to even think about. It just seems easier to eat inside and stare out the window like a child waiting for the school bell to ring.
An outdoor kitchen provides all of the conveniences and amenities of an indoor kitchen plus much more. There is nothing more wonderfully than a cool breeze on a summer night, enjoyed by friends and family. A patio kitchen is usable spring to autumn and all year round in some warmer geographical locations.Outdoor kitchens, Southern Styled Designs for perfect outdoor dining 1

Adding this room is easy, the minimum requirement is a quality gas grill and a wood burning oven. Using the grill as your center point, work your room about it. Adding cabinets for storage, refrigerator, sink, furniture as your decorating creativity directs you. The starting cost is approximately $2,000 and can rise over $30,000 for high end features like a fireplace and roof.
Wood can be used for cabinets and furniture, but remember to weather proof it once a year to avoid warping or peeling. Choosing furniture that is weather resistant from the start, like Polymer or metal, will save you money and time.
The completion of your kitchen under the stars is a perfect excuse to have friends and family over for cocktails and dinner. Because you are outside more, it leads to a better relationship with your immediate neighbors.Outdoor kitchens, Southern Styled Designs for perfect outdoor dining 2
The preparation of a meal is once again a family affair, with everyone pitching in and occupying the same space. It is nice not to have to break from a conversation or miss a punch line to a joke because you forgot the napkins inside.
An outside kitchen provides you with a second cooking space without the large price tag that an indoor kitchen would cost. There are many reasons for having an extra kitchen area; perhaps your main kitchen has a plumbing problem or there is a power outage or your main kitchen is a mess and you don’t want to deal with it at the moment. Let us not forget the lingering smell a cooked fish can leave in the confides of your indoor kitchen, with a patio kitchen those odors will be lifted and disbursed in the open air.
An outdoor kitchen will give your home a modern, updated look and also increase the resale value of your home. Any extra living space is a great appeal to any new buyer.  You will get your initial investment back upon resale and in some cases a 200% return depending on the complexity of the improvement.

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