Outdoor Pizza Ovens – A New Backyard Cooking Experience

Outdoor Pizza Ovens - A New Backyard Cooking Experience 1

A Taste Of Italy in your very own back yard.

Hello friends. I think it just may be me on this one. Is it me or pizza made on an original old school styled pizza oven the best you’ve ever tasted or what. Last summer was spent enjoying couple of these backyard features. We prepared the dough and toppings our selves and cooked using a little fire in a traditional back yard pizza a oven.

The lingering smells are something that I will never forget. As amazing as these outdoor pizza overs sound, they are also very economical as well. Friends are usually impressed big time when they see that you actually can make pizza better than any fast food chain around. Right in your very own back yard. It is a must for that family that has growing children. You actually never get tired of eating Outdoor Pizza Ovens - A New Backyard Cooking Experience 2pizza in your own pizza oven. One would thing you would. Just imagine everything that goes into the preparation. For one you get the expectation that this pizza is about to be the best ever. 🙂 Friends and family will be well pleased with the flavor that one of these ovens bakes into your food.

Don’t think that this is only for pizza. Cook meats, roasts, casserole dishes, and  bake cakes.  You are now forever finished with greasy conventional ovens to make your pizzas.

What exactly is a backyard wood burning oven?

Outdoor Pizza Ovens - A New Backyard Cooking Experience 3Modern wood burning pizza oven (at times mistaken as bread ovens) are an oven made out of clay adobe, refractory fire bricks or refractory concrete (heat resistant mix made from ingredients that can withstand prolonged high heat conditions). The tradition of these overs were to make them as user and earth friendly as possible thus using most of its materials from the earth. These days, we have everything we need to build a wood oven readily available in most refractory and building store yards.

Traditional wood burning pizza-bread ovens and cooking using a gentle fire are simply ‘the low TEC highly efficient technology’. So the hard core history of these ovens show they will burn at the best temps for how ever long we want to burn them for. They won’t fail us like an average oven using gas or propane will today.

What do we actually do when we use a wood burning brick oven?

The fire burns, giving off the heat which the heavy oven walls absorb. This type of heat is what I like to call a “all around heat”. When the dome chamber inside is heated to flat white-hot, the fire is allowed to die down or kept burning only very gently for longer. The embers can be swept out of the oven or left somewhere aside to keep burning. Using different types of wood to cook your pizzas can be a fun and experimental operation. You will never get tired of trying new cooking techniques. I like to say that you are opening the doors to a totally new cook experience. Contact us today to get your Quote.Outdoor Pizza Ovens - A New Backyard Cooking Experience 4

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Come and see what we mean by luxury living. Get your wood burning pizza oven built today.

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