Malatesta Gazebo Design for costal Hilton Head luxury life

Malatesta Gazebo Design for costal Hilton Head luxury life 2

The Gazebo Malatesta build is a unique handles of iron work, warm zinc-coated and painted with epoxy dust charcoal or Arizona brown color.
Warm zinc-coated is the immersion in fuse zinc obtained at 455°C; during this step the zinc, beyond covering the steel, zinc alloy with the surface giving mechanic resistance and the right grip to treated material.  This gazebo spells only success. Enjoy it at your leisure.
Large imposing for its dimensions, is apt in wide places like a big garden, a swimming-pool, and with a refined furnishing under that.

Particular in Malatesta line is rain draining system. The structure is provided of a root canal treatment in the columns in which rain picked by the eaves under the beam, flows and the structure makes flow to ground.
The current average measurements:

-between columns is cm 484 / 584 / 684 , to whom you have to add up the same columns that have a thickness of

-8×8 cm. Then, to get the biggest space between these frames you have to calculate 17 cm additional for

-base’s width (517 / 617 / 717 cm.).

What else can you say about this gazebo. It looks like a yes to me. Contact us now to set up an appointment. We also build lavish pergolas

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