Retaining Wall Reconstruction Project

Be careful about hiring the right landscaping contractor for your home. The bitterness of poor quality lingers long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten!

We received a call from the client about a retaining wall repair project that had only been installed for 3 months. Upon meeting with the clients, we discovered several obvious issues, that were most likely the cause of the wall failure. First, the wall had an improper foundation, which is the most critical step in the retaining wall process and caused the wall to actually lean over to the point of falling. Secondly, the wall appeared to have been back-filled incorrectly using a very sandy material and without any erosion fabric, which caused the back-filled area to settle and leak through the face of the wall. Also, the contractor did not use the required geo-grid system behind the wall, which is installed at specific course intervals depending on overall wall height and building site conditions. Finally, the finished grade on top of the wall and around the foundation of the wall was not done properly, so there was significant erosion that caused washouts leading to further wall failure.

It was very clear after talking with the homeowners, that they got a very ‘good deal’ on the project. They had voiced their concerns about some details during the project, but the contractor persuaded them that he was installing the wall correctly and that he had been doing that type of work for years… After all was said and done, the homeowners had to pay us to repair the other contractor’s work, which wound up costing them double.

At Verdant Landscape, we have over 50 overall years of varied landscape construction experience in the company, but still decided it would be a good idea to put our crews through formal certification training last year at our national conference. We now have ICPI certifications for paver installation and SRW certifications for retaining wall installations. This sets us apart from our competition along with our commitment to the professional landscaping industry.

Call Verdant Landscaping and let our team of professionals transform your outdoor space into a place your family will love…doing it the right way!